Archive: April 10, 2021


Taxbrain Review

I decided to write this TaxBrain review after having the opportunity to see what exactly it could do. Hopefully, after reading this short review, you?ll have a better understanding of what TaxBrain is and if it is a tool you should use when the next tax season comes rolling around.

I think we?ve all been in the situation where we?ve depended on our tax return from the IRS, and we all know the agony of waiting for it. Maybe the money was going to be spent on a vacation or towards a new roof, or maybe to cover bank fees as a result of your checking account being $471 overdrawn. Whatever the reason is for you counting on the money, TaxBrain understands and works hard to get your refund to you as fast as possible.

In fact, TaxBrain works so fast refunds can be paid in as little as 24 hours. Supported on both the State and Federal levels in all 50 states, TaxBrain even has an accuracy guarantee. If they incorrectly prepare your tax return, they will pay the interest and penalties. What?s not to like about a company that is that confident in their services?

Worried about downloading yet another program onto your computer? Not a problem. TaxBrain is web-based, not program based. Just go to the web site and in less than an hour your taxes will be done, and done right. Best yet, you can do it from the comfort of your home, in your pajamas if you?d like!

Obviously, TaxBrain is the way to go in terms of tax preparation. It?s fast, easy and way more affordable than an accountant. Still, it?s just as accurate (if not more so!) than the expensive CPA. I highly recommend TaxBrain for all of your Federal and State tax filing.